Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada Campus

91探花 Summerlin Campus rests at the base of the Spring Mountains. It is part of the beautifully developed master-planned community of Summerlin and conveniently located near Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. For those feeling like living up the nightlife, the Las Vegas Strip is only 25 minutes away. From cycling and rock climbing to parties and entertainment, there is plenty to experience.

Summerlin Campus Programs

91探花 is committed to transforming medical education and the health of our communities by addressing Nevada鈥檚 critical shortage of physicians through development of a revolutionary medical school. Despite advances in medicine, increased specialization, and the highest per capita health spending of any nation, Americans still experience the growing burden of chronic disease, unsustainable healthcare costs, and persistent inequities in health status.

Through the development of 91探花鈥檚 College of Medicine, Dr. Pedro 鈥淛oe鈥 Greer Jr., Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, recipient of the MacArthur Fellows Genius Grant, and Dean, together with his team, envisions a medical curriculum that delivers at the street level, in neighborhoods, and most importantly, in individual households. Our pioneering approach 鈥 called household-centered care 鈥 gives medical students early clinical experience in the most essential of all settings 鈥 the home. Students will learn that a patient鈥檚 overall health is mostly driven by social, economic, and environmental factors 鈥 with the home as the nexus of these factors 鈥 and that 80-90% of disease is not attributable to biologic causes 鈥 but rather the social determinants of health such as family, income, safe housing, and education.

The College of Medicine will produce the physicians of the future, developing clinically excellent, community-based, patient-centered, socially accountable, humble, compassionate, and inclusive physicians who will be national leaders in their respective fields. This will be accomplished by innovative teaching, emphasizing not only clinical excellence, but also ethics, humility, empathy, critical and creative thinking, and real-world experience. Graduates of the College of Medicine will understand the complexities of communities and how the Social Determinants of Health impact both individual and population health. The communities we serve will be partners in our teaching and learning 鈥 giving a voice to perhaps the greatest and wisest teacher 鈥 our patients.

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A Coordinated Health Ecosystem


Diversifying the Physician Workforce by Inspiring Students


Empowering Moms from Recovery to Resilience

Patient Care


Roseman Medical Group’s dedicated team of primary care practitioners and specialists offer a wide range of care and specialty services to treat adults of all ages, maintain health, treat illness, and manage chronic diseases.


Most people are aware of common side effects of cancer treatment like nausea and hair loss, but few know that most cancer patients develop problems in the mouth, which may interfere with treatment and lessen the quality of life. The Roseman Dental aims to provide onsite quality dental care to children undergoing treatment for life-threatening conditions, including childhood cancer, blood disorders, and rheumatological diseases. This onsite health clinic will be the first non-profit, community-based service in Nevada to provide integrated medical and oral health care for children with complex medical conditions. This clinic will be the dental home for Cure 4 The Kids (C4K) patients, their siblings, and other immediate family members. Providing services to the patient’s immediate family will ensure that the family’s dental healthcare needs are met, enabling them to focus on the treatment and care of their child with cancer.


An independent division of 91探花, Cure 4 the Kids Foundation operates at the Summerlin Campus and provides high-quality, research-focused medical treatment to children battling cancer and many other life-threatening conditions. Cure 4 The Kids Foundation operates the only outpatient childhood cancer treatment center in the State of Nevada, and is proudly accredited by The Joint Commission.